Saturday work in progress-dotwork



Hello everybody,I’m not updating my blog with new pics and news for long time…sorry about that,I will do it soon…when I have time to do it…but,you can find more of my works on my facebook and instagram pages.

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Thank you

Today and yesterday

free hand samoan inspired from today and polynesian inspired turtles from yesterday






Monday tattoo

Today I worked on Maggie neck….free hand dotwork….


I’ve worked on this piece yesterday,continuing half sleeve I started months ago. It is an interesting fusion of styles,a celtic/samoan inspired . I enjoied drawing free hand,and also I had to find  a way to avoid the inside of the  arm and work on the shape. The work is in progress. I will finish it with dotwork. Also I will join the chest piece with the arm. There’s still a lot to do….looking forward